Marigold Scott
On Location
Hair & Makeup

Central Florida's
Highest Rated On-Site
Hair & Makeup Company

Proms & Homecomings

Party Members - Group of 3 Or more
Just Hairstyling / Updo - $55.00 Each

 Hair & Makeup - $85.00  Each

Just Makeup -$55.00 Each

Single Member
Just Hair Styling/ Updo - $85.00

Hair & Makeup - $115.00 

 Just Makeup - $85.00


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  • "A week before my wedding I broke out really bad around my chin and forehead. I was devestaded thinking about having to walk down the isle like that and have my picture taken wit..."
    Janice Shilton
    Broken out bride
  • "I have a ton of hair and was very worried that it wouldnt stay curled or wouldnt stay in an updo. I have had my hair done in the past and it has always fallen out. The stylists ..."
    Beth Williams
    Finally able to wear an updo